Frequently asked questions

Will I have to pay any fees for this course?

The Samuel Foundation grants full scholarships to its students so that the training is free of tuition cost. Furthermore, the Foundation provides free:

  • consumables, training books and stationery
  • subsidies for public transport
  • free daily nutritional food supplements and medical check-ups

However, there are some costs involved which are as follows:

  • security deposit: INR 7500 (refundable after completion of course
  • second set of summer uniform
  • monthly-charge for the entire equipment maintenance: INR 250
  • material related to final garment projects
What is the selection and admission procedure like? Are there any entry exams?
  • You are required to fill out and submit our application form including all necessary documentation. We do not accept incomplete documentation.
  • All applicants will have to pass the following admission exams
    – written and practical test
    – psychological test
  • Personal interview of both, applicants and parents/guardians or support persons
  • Home visit by staff of the Foundation in order to check the economic eligibility of the applicants

This year’s schedule for the admission process can be found on this website and is also contained in our admission prospectus which is available at our training centres.

Which documents do I have to submit with my application?
  • Three passport size photographs
  • X mark sheets and mark sheet of last passed examination
  • Copy of Aadhar Card

All submitted documents become property of the Foundation

How will I know whether I passed the entry exams?

All applicants should enquire at the office on the designated day. Phone enquiries will not be entertained. The applicants who have passed the examination are informed about the interview schedule.A final list of the selected candidates is published in July. Phone enquiries will not be entertained. The selected students will be notified about their admission date and explained the formalities for the admission.

What are the teaching methods?

The technical education is composed of classroom lectures, practical training, industry and market visits and interaction with industry professionals, a mandatory apprenticeship as well as computer and communication skills training. A lot of emphasis is given on personality development during the training.

Do I qualify for a scholarship, if I am younger than 17 or older than 25?

Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this prerequisite. The age limit ensures the success of the students by adjusting to our strict curriculum and requirements. It ensures a smooth professional development of the candidate in the industrial setting.

Do I qualify for a scholarship, if I do not meet the required minimum educational level?

We cannot accept any candidates, who do not have minimum Xth pass. This is an essential prerequisite to be able to meet the high demands of our technical education.

Does the Foundation offer any part-time or evening courses?

No, we do not offer any part-time, week-end or evening courses at present.